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Porto Di Trani

Port with berths in Trani - Lat: 41°16'98'' N - Lon: 16°25'37'' E

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Porto Di Trani

Trani (BA) Puglia - Italia

The Port of Trani (Lat.41°17'N-Long.16°25'SE) has a water reservoir with a surface of about 137,000 m2, with sandy bottoms that reach a depth of 4-5 meters and a coast stretch of 1850 m, of which 900 are occupied with operational piers. The surface occupied on land, however, reaches 24,880 m2 in total. The port consists of a natural bay protected by two wharves: the S. Lucia Wharf and the St. Antonia Wharf, the first of them docked and equipped with columns and mooring rings. All the internal banks are docked: the dock of Santa Lucia Wharf, 48 m long and with a yard surface of about 1,400 m2, is used for small cargo ships docking (max. 500 t.s.l.) and does not provide cargo storage; the tract adjoining the Santa Teresa dock, 215 m long, is used for fishing boats docking; the Seminario pier and part of the La Conca pier, 109 m long, are reserved for the fishing fleet; the piers of Piazza Quercia and Piazza Tiepolo, 405 m long, are reserved for pleasure ships. In this area floating piers are settled, for a total of 618 m that allow the moor of ships up to 25 feet, for a total of 600 boats. A part of the piers is reserved to the members of the local Section of the ITALIAN NAVY LEAGUE; the others, in direct management of the Communal Administration (Communal Dock), are access free. On the St. Antonio Wharf, at last, 60 m away from the extremity, entering on the left side, there is the lighthouse: lights at white lamps for 5 sec: 20 m away from the extremity fixed red light; at the arm of St. Nicola, on the end, entering on the North side: fixed green light. The entering and exiting boats have to maintain a distance of 40 m from the pre-mentioned green lamp.


Berths: 400

Max length: 40


3.2 - 3.4

Sea floor



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Porto Di Trani

Via Tiepolo, 7

Trani (BA) Puglia - Italia

***39 0883 482028

Fax ***39 0883 482028

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