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Porto Di Portovenere

Port with berths in Portovenere - Lat: 44°03'03'' N - Lon: 09°50'24'' E

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Porto Di Portovenere

Portovenere (SP) Liguria - Italia

Portovenere is an ancient village that rises in the most western extremity of the Gulf of Venice; one of the most attractive villages of the Spezzine coast, whose origins date back many years ago. Its houses were built according to the architecture of the Genoese colonies, with the double role of housing and defense. During the Genoese reign the walls were also built, reinforced by three towers and by sturdy bastions and an imposing Castle that was constructed to protect the village. Today, Portovenere is a spectacular tourist village, successful combination of primitive natural beauties and buildings of particular historic interest that have made its territory and the islands that compose the archipelago foreland, thus inserting it within the UNESCO world human heritage. One of the most striking places of Portovenere is the Byron Cavern, dedicated to the famous XIXth century English poet. At the base of the houses painted in the characteristic Ligurian colors, the Depression represents the most populated part of the village, where you can find restaurants, bars and shops.


Berths: 32

Max length: 45


On dock from 1 to 4 m.

Sea floor



VHF canale 09.


Shallow water within the port, in the beach front.

Porto Di Portovenere

Portovenere (SP) Liguria - Italia

+39 0187 793042

+39 0187 793042

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