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Bisceglie Approdi

Port with berths in Bisceglie - Lat: 41°14'72'' N - Lon: 16°30'48'' E

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Bisceglie Approdi

Bisceglie (BA) Puglia - Italia

Wires Located 16 meters above the sea level, Bisceglie posses a high rocky coast and a beach, among the most beautiful of the Puglia Region, for the variety of inlets (beaches and bays), in which rocks and stones are alternating, leaving clear and suitable for bathing waters. It was inhabited since the Paleolithic. This is testified by the numerous archaeological findings, some of which have come down to us relatively intact, like the megalithic monuments dolmens having a function of tomb-altar. The most famous of these, the dolmen of Chianca, is located about 5 km away from the inhabited area. Numerous is also the presence of farmhouses, small housing districts, often fortified, of which inhabitants, later, streamed to the medieval village built on the sea and equipped, in different eras, with Guard and Defence Towers, a Castle (Norman Age) and with bastion walls (Aragonese Age). Remarkable also the churches in romanic-pugliese style, of which emerges the beauty of the Cathedral, from which depart and to which arrive all the streets of the ancient city, both from and towards the sea (to the port) and from and towards the country side (outside the ancient walls, the most part still visible). The most impressive area, the one that is advised to a tourist interested in artistic beauties, remains, so, the ancient village.


Berths: 500

Max length: 25


With eastern and western winds the entrance maneuver is dangerous on rough sea.


on dock from 1 to 3.5 m.

Sea floor



C.B. canale 09

Bisceglie Approdi

Bisceglie (BA) Puglia - Italia

Tel +39 080 3954845

Tel +39 080 3957895

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